Ballet Initiative

 Ballet INITIATIVE teaches students to dance, 

helps them excel in dance and educates the 

public about ballet in an effort to help 

sustain the art form in Saint Louis for 

generations to come.

Matthew Neenan

After a successful run of shows at the Joyce Theater, choreographer Matthew Neenan joined me to talk about his career and plans for the future. Matthew is the Artistic Director for Ballet X in Philadelphia.

Joy Womack

Joy Womack joined us on episode two of the Ballet Initiative podcast. I hope when things settle, she'll come back and tell her story. Listen to our interview with Ms. Womack here.

I believe that social media is a huge part of sustaining this great art form. This interview is proof. I met Joy Womack via Facebook. Once we connected, I requested an interview. She agreed and we connected via Skype while she was in Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong. She was competing in the 2013 Asian Grand Prix. Oh, and she won. Historically speaking. she's also the first American dancer to join the Bolshoi Ballet. 

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