Ballet Initiative

 Ballet INITIATIVE teaches students to dance, 

helps them excel in dance and educates the 

public about ballet in an effort to help 

sustain the art form in Saint Louis for 

generations to come.


For centuries, ballet has captivated audiences the world over. From it's humble beginnings in the courtyards of Italy and France, to the great stages of the eastern and western worlds, ballet has secured it's position among great paintings, literature, music and sculpture.

Join Emmy Award winning producer Christian Cudnik for an inside look at it's history and traditions, teaching, and significant artists.


Gloria Govrin

Ms. Govrin was a soloist with New York City Ballet for 15 years under George Balanchine. Today, she's a renowned teacher and the Artistic Director of Eastern Connecticut Ballet. In our conversation, she shares her life as a dancer and gives fascinating first hand insight into the legend of Mr. B. 

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